There’s only one writer who can call herself the uncrowned queen of the Netherlands and that is Annie M.G. Schmidt (1911-1995). Her work is Dutch cultural heritage. Three generations have already read, sing and reclaimed, with their children’s books, songs and verses, in which the Dutch household is put aside with venomous tenderness and humor.

She also wrote a large number of texts for an adult audience, including various musi- cals. It is over comes from one of those musicals . It’s about a woman whose husband left her for his secretary. A song about the (spring) power of the abandoned person.

The man who came home late at night
So despondent and irritable
All of that is no longer my concern

That’s all for her now
She can have it

Author : Anne M.G. Schmidt
Illustrator: Hannes Schievink

Theme: lost love
Category: poetry
Number in serie: 09